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Cathy Benjamin, CLTC

Cathy has been working with insurance most of her life.  Starting with Property and Casualty in the early 1980's then finding her true calling with Long Term Care in 2000.   Between then and now, she has added Medicare, Life Insurance, Disability Income and Annuities.  Cathy enjoys working with Financial Advisors and their clients to design the right policy or policies to provide the peace of mind that clients need to sleep at night.

With Long Term Care being Cathy's true passion it is no surprise that she sold her house and moved in with parents to help them navigate their "golden years".   Being a care provider is rewarding, however it can be challenging, mentally, physically and financially.    With even a small affordable amount of insurance, those difficulties can be minimized.

When Life Changes  ​ works with Advisors Insurance Brokers (AIB), an Insurance Brokerage housed in NY State.   AIB refers to themselves as Cathy's back room, helping whenever needed and sharing their abundance of knowledge and experience with her and her clients.

There are only 4 kinds of people in the world. Those who have BEEN caregivers, those who ARE caregivers, those who WILL BE caregivers and those will NEED caregivers."

~ Rosalynn Carter ~

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